Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tower 22 ?

What's in a name? You might have figured out that this blog is about making a game, or programming a game-engine, but what's up with the towers?

First of all, it's a 'codename'. Although I'm finally quite happy with the game concept/idea, the title is just... because I couldn't think of another name. And yes, the game plays inside a huge soviet style building. For some strange reason I have a small obsession for Eastern Europe / communistic related stuff. Maybe its because my girl is Polish, maybe its because it shows a strange relief with our modern society based on luxery. Maybe it was my fantastic vacation in Prague. Or maybe because a friend showed me pictures like these:
This concrete monster, kind of evil alien citadel / post apocalypse pyramid, was supposed to be North Korea's pride. A symbol of a strong and healthy communistic nation. Too bad the construction was halted somewhere in 1992, and never picked up again ever since.

Since playing Resident Evil (Gamecube remake), I always wanted to create a horror game. Well, you probably understand the relation with the picture above now... I'm not going to make a digital version of the Ryugyong hotel, the game and story have nothing to do with it except that a skyscraper is used. But at least you know where the inspiration came from now.

Just for fun, and to finish this post with some more happy concrete, my friend also showed me this beauty, informally titled for world's most ugly building. Ladies and gentleman, the Genex tower in Belgrado! BTW, if you have more cool pics like these, or even live in one, leave a message! Glad to hear from you.

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