Thursday, January 28, 2010

To Post, or not to Post

I find it hard to decide what to blog, when to blog. Not because there is nothing to report. In contrary, I could write twelve boring bibles about it. However, I don't want to end up like those twittering about their whole lives so much, that they forget to live it. I'd better program my game instead of only writing about it right? Besides, who wants to read dozens of meanless posts anyway? You got to know when to shut up. So... I think I'll keep it to one post per week, that's 52 posts in a year at max.

There is another issue though. I bet those who were working on, let's say, Halflife2 (or Duke Nukem forNever) felt a big urge of sharing their enthusiasm. Yet everybody kept their lipps stiff. For a good reason of course. Gamers shouldn't know how Halflife2 ends before its even released, it has to be a surprise. And to protect their ideas and technology from their rival developers.

I'm not making a Halflife (ha, I wish) but yet I believe this project has potential and a couple of ideas never seen before in games. Plus since its a horror game, the "unknown" is an essential key. Girls always ask how a movie ends so they won't be that scared. And Silent Hill wouldn't be that surprising if you already had a look at the boss screenshots before starting the game. You get the point.

The creatures and location are very important in this game. Showing pictures would reveal them though, taking away the big surprise. Then again, you probably visit this blog to SEE progress, not to read my bibliography. When reading mysterious stories on a id Software or Valve blog, you know something good is coming. But here you might be dealing with a 16 year old nerd that *dreams* about making a cool hentai game. So, finally, a few shots (ingame renders that is):

DISCLAIMER: Pictures are test-maps, they have not much to do with the game. And, this is "Programmer Art". That's a chic slang for "Not so beautifull because programmers can't draw and have no fantasy at all.". Well, I actually do have some creatieve skills and a livin fantasy, but nowhere near the pro's. So the maps and
3D models aren't really detailed(rushed), the visual settings aren't "evaluated from an artistic point of view". And some of the cooler textures in the screenshots are borrowed from other games.

One of the goals of this blog is to find people that can push this crap to the next level. Boys and girls that actually do know howto make a high-poly model, create athmospheric environments or draw a seamless texture of a corroded metal wall in high detail, including the normal-, specular- and heightMap.

Enough for this week. I'll promise to post more (test-case) shots. Maybe one each 2 or 3 weeks? Hey, got to spread it out as long as there won't be creative minds that produce content!

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