Friday, January 1, 2010

Targets & Battleplan

Nice to dream about making a game, but we all know that a single person or even a small team simply doesn't have the manpower to realize such a large project. There is a reason why building a commercial game is sometimes even more expensive than filming a movie these days.

For a full story about the plans, you can read
Plans and Motivation

Or in short,
1.- Think smaller. Although quality is important, this project won't require a full orchestra, tons of monsters, Morgan Freeman voice actors or very advanced animations. It makes an end-result a little bit more realistic.

2.- For now, we work with demo movies. Why? Because each movie might help expanding the team. After all, it requires the right people on the right places to do the right things. Other than that, movies can be used for your our own portfolio. So even if Tower22 fails, the artists still have a souvenir.

3.- If upcoming demo's are good enough, we'll send it to games-magazines to get more attention when needed. The more people joining the ride, the better the chances.

4.- Making the entire game is impossible right now. Instead, we'll split it up in two parts. First we'll make the (easier) 1/3rd of the game, and try to bring it on the market as an Indy, or even free game. If received well, it should open new doors for the second part.

5.- Once a good amount of the first "episode" has been made, and when I'm able to plan forward (meaning I can estimate how long it takes to finish), we might open the doors for donations (via Kickstarter for example). I don't expect big budgets, but also a small compensation for each asset might be a good trigger for the production team, or to get freelancers on specific, specialized tasks.

In the end, the goal is to make a true horror game with a storyline you haven't heard before and an experience you won't forget anymore. If you feel you should join the boat, please check here:
joining / contact

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