Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little bit about me

You can skip this message, but if you really want to know... I know there is a "about me" section by default on blogs, but I'd rather be careful. Call me suspicious, but gathering personal information is just too easy these days. Before you know it my boss knows about my boxershorts.

Allright, my name is Rick, I live in the Netherlands (Brabant eej kul), born in '84, finished studying, and currently working in a pharmaceutical company and at Ploeger Harvesters. I basically program whatever my bosses need. Databases with grandma-proved-interfaces, barcode scanners, crappy tools, microchips, climate regulators. But probably I'm most proud on the operating systems for these big boys:

Furthermore, I got my own house, a sweet girl that is concerned about the competition of my other girlfriend(the laptop), and a happy little daughter.

All in all, I'm just a regular guy. Not your typical computer geek, neither a very social creature either. This is my first blog actually. No chatting, twitting, shitting, facebooks or other digital hocus pocus for this programmer. Just good old conversations at the bar with close friends. I wasn't planning a blog either, but a friend attended me. And come to think of it... I've been programming on my projects for years and years, but never shared it with anyone. Simply because none of my friends are really into this. It gets a little bit lonely sometimes, so maybe this blog might just help, and who knows, maybe I'll reach people with similiar interests...


  1. I'm reading all your posts :D

  2. I've been reading all these blog entries, they're fascinating to see the birth of a game.