Friday, January 1, 2010


updated: 1-sept-2014 - Contact info at the bottom

As a "hobby project" so far, we can always use some help. In fact, there won't be a Tower22 if there weren't
* 2D texture artists (drawing rust, bumpmapping the hell out of bricks, popping particles, etc.)
* 2D concept artists (giving input, surprise fans with awesome posters, setting the mood, level design)
* 3D asset modellers (sculpting statues, furnishing furniture, baking pottery, spooky lamps, ...)
* 3D environment modellers (making lay-outs, old (Soviet) styled corridors, bizarre rooms, apartments, impossible architecture)
* 3D animators (making a monster walk without making it look he crapped his pants)
For a more actual list of "what we need", check the official website: Tower22 game - join us. But in general, there can't be enough 2D/3D artists. Animation has a somewhat lower demand, since that usually comes in a later stadium and as we already have a couple of guys. But nevertheless, feel free to drop a mail. As for the programming part, so far I'm only looking for experts on very specific matters, such as Newton physics (and in a later stadium to boost the shaders/graphics).

What's in it for you??
Good question. Sad but true, people don't tend to stay long on hobby projects with far-end goals and little to no compensation in the meanwhile. Tower22 won’t be finished within the next thirteen months, although we try to keep shorter-term milestones, such as releasing demo movies, and going towards a playable demo.

But besides a learn full experience and pics/movies to put on your portfolio, here’s a better deal. You can make a bit extra money with your assets. How?
* When the time is ripe, we launch a Kickstarter campaign
* Not to buy me a more awesome videocard, but to give a little reward for each asset you make
* And if that is not enough, some of your assets can be sold on (3D) web-shops such as Unity. You'll have to manage that yourself, but the income is all yours. I’m just glad you can help me out with your stuff, and it’s a good boost to do your stinking best.

I can’t make you rich, but at least your hard work won’t end in a virtual drawer. Hey, it's a start.

Unless you offer me penis enlargements or cute Bulgarian brides, contact me at
rick + tower22game dot com
+ = @
If you couldn't solve that riddle, better not contact me you darn spambot!


  1. Rick I would love too help out with creature design and production modeling. Feel free to email me anytime.


    I work on design and games are one of my interests :) Please check my video portfolio on my blog and let me know on what i can help :)

    Thanks, Paul

  3. Hey Paul, sorry for the late reply. So much mails and everything last days! Thanks for your offer, it's appreciated. Though I don't see a position that requires design skills at this point really. What the project really needs at this moment are talented 3D modellers and 1 or 2 (environment) concept artists. So, sorry! But thanks for offering nevertheless.

  4. Thanks for the reply Rick :) I understand, its not only design, you see, i hope you have seen the videos they have game design in them, but if you need a hand let me know :)

  5. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. As a modder and huge fan of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Tower 22 has already piqued my interest. Keep up the great work.