Friday, January 1, 2010


updated: 25-aug-2011
* Contact info at the bottom

Current positions (details below):
1* Concept-Artist > Environments
2* 3D Modeler > Environment mapper

Requirements / Offering
* 6 or more hours time a week
* A portfolio to show, with at least a few horror-themed examples
* Some experience with making games or creative assets. Take a look at the movie, screenshots or drawings like the link beneath to get an indication of the level we expect.

* This is an unpaid "job". Yes, we do aim for a commercial product in the end, but that is still far ahead. But what we can offer:

- A game & idea with potential
- The making of demo movies you can use for your own portfolio. Who knows, it might just help you further in the game-business one day...
- A nice trip to gain more experience
- A small but enthusiast team + working tools
- There aren't much horror games out there
- Relaxed athmosphere, no deadlines yet
- Most important, hopefully a good & learnful time!

Position details
1* Concept-Artist > Environments
Making quick sketches & Photo-realistic drawings of:
- Tower22 interiors, varying from Soviet themed to industrial, from apartments to clocktowers
- Tower22 architecture
- Bizare / nightmarish / dreamish environments
- Sketches to help the 3D modelers making the environments or specific assets

3* 3D Modeler > Environment mapper
- Make environments varying from simple apartments & dusty corridors to organic or nightmarish architectonic area's (mostly indoor).
- Help making ideas for the more advanced / bizarre rooms, eventually helping with sketches.
- An Eye for the small details
- Supply objects to decorate the maps with(chairs, closets, lamps, plants, ...)
- Supply textures (including normalMaps, heightMaps, or whatever needed)
- Max, Blender, Lightwave, it's all good.

Unless you offer me penis enlargements or cute Bulgarian brides, contact me at
rick + tower22game dot com
+ = @
If you couldn't solve that riddle, better not contact me you darn spambot!


  1. Rick I would love too help out with creature design and production modeling. Feel free to email me anytime.


    I work on design and games are one of my interests :) Please check my video portfolio on my blog and let me know on what i can help :)

    Thanks, Paul

  3. Hey Paul, sorry for the late reply. So much mails and everything last days! Thanks for your offer, it's appreciated. Though I don't see a position that requires design skills at this point really. What the project really needs at this moment are talented 3D modellers and 1 or 2 (environment) concept artists. So, sorry! But thanks for offering nevertheless.

  4. Thanks for the reply Rick :) I understand, its not only design, you see, i hope you have seen the videos they have game design in them, but if you need a hand let me know :)

  5. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. As a modder and huge fan of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Tower 22 has already piqued my interest. Keep up the great work.