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Updated August 2014

2D / 3D / Art:
3D Artist
Importance (or not) of graphics
How many polygons?
Finishing details
Texturing techniques tutor1: General
Texturing techniques tutor2: How lighting works
Texturing techniques tutor3: ormalMapping / bumpMapping
Texturing techniques tutor4: AO/Lightmaps
Subsidy & art noone understands
Playing with ZBrush

AI Programming:
Game AI
state machines
Interactions, custom objects
Pathfinding: Navigation Mesh
Pathfinding: Decission making
Pathfinding: Smoothing the line

Business / Game Companies:
The Boss
Financing T22 or not?
Managing team & assets

Computers misc.:
Slow, slower, slowest
Recording with FRAPS
C++ struggles

Countries / Traveling:
America #1
America #2
Poland / Mushroom tripping
Poland, Auschwitz
Rockwerchter, More Poland
Germany, Berlin

Games / Reviews:
Criticism on Violent games
Game ethics / violence boundaries
Game Reviews & past
Review: Super Metroid
Review: Goldeneye
Review: Zelda
Bugs in games
Click and Play genre
Hypes (Doom, Duke)
Leaked versions
Realism & criticism
Duke Nukem
Growing up / hobbies
Multiplayer gaming

Game programming:
fixed camera's
Portal culling
Why make your own engine?
Making of 2011 Demo 1: Intro
Making of 2011 Demo 2: Map design
Making of 2011 Demo 3: Planning & 3D environments
Making of 2011 Demo 4: Importing maps
Making of 2011 Demo 5: 3D Objects
Making of 2011 Demo 6: Programming last bits
Making of 2011 Demo 7: Finishing
Making of 2011 Demo 8: Morphing animations
Deployment problems
Collada files
Object Editor
Engine Logic / Interfacable objects #1
Engine Logic / Interfacable objects #2
Scripting #1
Cloth physics

Graphics programming:
Deferred particle lighting
GPU Particles, OpenGL Transform Feedback
Volumetric light shafts 3
Global Illumination in T22: 2013
Global Illumination in T22: 2011
Why and Hows book
Compute Shaders tutor1
Compute Shaders tutor2
Compute Shaders tutor3
Reflection techniques
Vertex painting
Unified Buffer Objects (OpenGL UBO)
Performance hints 1
Performance hints 2
Texture compression / DDS #1
Texture compression / DDS #2
Geometry shaders tutor #1
Geometry shaders tutor #2
Early SSAO 2011
Deferred/Inferred rendering tutor #1
Deferred/Inferred rendering tutor #2
Deferred/Inferred rendering tutor #3

Tower22 Horror fundaments
Blood graphics
Waiting room of Death

Personal / About me:
About me 1
About me 2
Pregnant girlfriend
Busy working

Tower22 game
The Player
Story fragment #1
Story fragment #2
Button bashing

Tower22 team / recruiting:
FBX help needed
Concept artist needed
Physics programmer needed
First movie release
Team born 1
Team born 2
Year 2014
Year 2012
plans 2012
progress 2012
From concept to working out

MH17 plane crash