Thursday, December 8, 2011


Sorry for the lack of fairy tails last weeks... Let's say we're very, very busy finishing the demo movie! And playing Zelda ;)

A lot of stuff has been added. Shader improvements, Parallax Occlusion Mapping, objects, morphing animations, and... I lost the count. Anyway, the least thing I can do is post a few screenshots then.

Waterpool decals


  1. holy mother of god.

    This is pure eye sex.

  2. Now I won't be surprised if you start to make a full anatomically and physically accurate model of a humanoid character, that will generate ultra-realistic character animations for any necessary job, so you won't need a mo-cap to make characters to look as good as the environment does :)

  3. You overestimate me, I'm not that smart :p
    There are 2 types of people; the brilliant ones who understand the principles after reading the theory once. And those who (half) understand it just by doing it five million times in practice.

    I belong to the second category ;)

  4. Russians say: hard work and patience can grind through anything. So far you've been showing an ability to achieve the impossible result with that method :)

  5. Wow, i take a look at your blog now and then, and i love how you manage to add amazing looking features into your engine.
    i wonder how does all this features affect the performance of your engine? what fps do you get if you would have all this effects(parallax occlusion mapping, shadows, lighting, decals, etc..) enabled?
    i would really like to know what your experience has been on managing the performance and what obstacles you had to overcome now that you are this far with your engine.

  6. Good question. I don't have much time to make new blog-stories these weeks, so I thought why use this for a little topic, and answer it? See next post :)