Thursday, January 12, 2012

Higher Quality movie

Where were my damn bumpMaps son?! We spend so much time on micro normalMaps, parallax maps, and cockroaches on the floor. But the low-res blurry video made it look as if the game was illegally recorded by an old phone in a dark room on a (cheap) game conference.

Well, here you got it again, HD. Say hello to the details, although some of them also might reveal visual glitches. Like pornstars being afraid their hemroids become visible on HD movies ;)

Still not as sharp than I would like to see, but a whole lot better than the previous blurry mess!


  1. My god this is awesome. GREAT WORK, I still can't believe that you're doing all this by yourself (or whatever)

    I can't wait for this to get in my hands and in my head, any idea of when you'll be finished?

    On a side note,
    I could've sworn the idea or story was that you're some janitor in an abandoned russian apartment building, which was alot easier to understand in the first video with the uhh... more 'apartment' design rather than this Silent Hill sort of factory / boiler room design.

    Either way, freaking awesome, I love the dreamy abstract proportions on the environments (lets' hope that wasn't some sleight of hand on your part)

    Good job! This game needs more attention. :D

  2. Well not alone anymore indeed. Julio, Sergi & Robert helped me on the 3D models and textures, David & Carsten on the audio, and Brian with the website!

    I hope you can wait a bit, because this game won't be finished anywhere soon. The 2 movies you saw gave an impression of the game, but aren't snapshots of the actual thing (though the first movie is more in tradition of the T22 design indeed). It's used to attract artists & develop the technology. But now we will start on actual game content. And yes, the dreamy factor is how it should be ;)

  3. Oh my god what a work and progress since the last video !!!!