Monday, January 9, 2012

After the commercial break... Another movie!

Hey boy, hey girl, here we go... It took almost as long as creating episode 3 for Halflife2, but there it is; another movie. Tech-movie I might add. Said it before, and I'll say it again: the purpose of this movie is to show you some visuals, and a piece of scenery that *could* but in Tower22 (but it isn't :p). Why? Well, why not. And oh yes, to attract some help on our team of course.

Compared with the movie one year ago, there are some obvious changes:

- This new tech movie does NOT show you the typical horror or game elements
- All the textures and sounds are created by ourselves, no more borrowing from other games. And in case you didn't know, yes the whole engine is created in-house as well.
- The sound quality should be quite a lot better. Video is still blurry though, but we'll try Vimeo within a few days. Maybe that allows to upload a higher-res variant of the video.
- All in all, it should look and sound quite a lot better. I hope so.

Just saying. It's funny, but maybe tricky at the same time, how false rumors can spread like napalm fire. Before you know it, the player is called Robert (which is not true), the game was created with Java, I'm working as an astronaut, et cetera. Not all "journalists" actually take some effort to read the sources. They just copy from each other. Believe it or not, but I already saw on some site that T22 would be released half 2012. It even had a score (7.5 if I remember correctly). Uh... apparently they have a nearly finished version of the game! Maybe I went back in time like the Terminator to give them a game copy. Whatever.

Now it's true that Tower22 does not have a clear project description. We're working on that, although the story and some game-elements will remain a secret anyway. The website is still a bit empty, but expect some updates soon. Starting with a new screenshot overview. Other than that, we shouldn't bother too much what others say. Yet when someone starts comparing this with Crysis2 and says T22 sucks, it feels a bit unfair sometimes. So one last time: it's just a tech-demo, made in far from finished engine, in the night hours, on a 0$ budget. So, there you have it :p

Enough talk already. Grab some peanuts, and chase away young kids from your room:

And a superduper, turbo-pascal, creative, fancy, moody, farty, healthy 2012!


  1. Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!

    I'd love to see it with a higher resolution though.

  2. So much work since your first videos.
    Forget the kiddos that judge only by their console ports. They don't even know what coding is, for most of them.

  3. A higher quality version is coming within X days. The Youtube version got squashed to 360p, that's even more blurry than my bad eyes. There goes all the tiny detail fancy shading tricks!

    Although the particles may actually look softer and better. Blur helps hiding errors :D

  4. Wow, looks great.

    Really enjoyed the soundscape as well. One minor nitpick being that it might have been a bit too "noisy" at times. Some quiet periods here and there could have made it more dramatic. I'm no sound designer but that's just something that came to my mind.

  5. Nice graphics! Good work!

  6. Great job! Love the sounds, graphics and atmosphere.
    The only thing I noticed is that where the snow comes in you hear a hard stormy wind, but you see the snow flakes come down straight like there is no wind :) But I understand why that is of course (particles in some AABB) :)

  7. Thanks all! Good thing people like it, the more people that see it, the bigger the chance we may get some good extra help on the team to make better demo's and the actual game of course.

    The snow particle behavior is a bit weird here and there indeed. It just falls down (through the ceiling) with some random wind influence. One of the five million things to improve ;)

  8. Cool graphics, and I really love the sounds you haveadded but I do agree with the person above that mentioned about having too much noise, it can kill away the tense mood that you might be trying to project. Also, I've observed that when the character walked, there wasn't any sound, especially when he walked through the water puddle areas, it made me felt a little detached from the game.

    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to be able to buy and play it some day! (Though I most probably would be too scared to finish it. =P)