Thursday, March 26, 2020

Corona crisis: Learn how to make a 2D phone game

Hey fellow caged animals. Say, who is fucking bored here? Raise your hands. 1,2,3, 7 billion. Well I'm not. No thanks to a bunch of annoying kids that still think they deserve a long vacation instead of home-teaching. But thanks to an old Android phone I have here, and LibGDX.

So stop wasting your time. Stop trying teaching those kids, you’ll be dead in two months anyway, old fart with a programmer diet of hamburgers and cola. Stop sporting, you’ll be back up-to weight within no-time after the crisis. They call that “Jo-Jo” effect. Stop pretending you’re having fun in the garden. You only make things worse at the neighbours, where the wife starts bossing around her poor husband, giving choirs. Stop working @home. Your business will be bankrupt within the next 2 months, and you won’t get paid then.

Instead, follow me. Learn a bit of Java, learn a bit about GDX, and let’s make a silly game for the telephone. So you can give that to your bored kids, and be a real hero for one day. In fact, you may actually put those lazy assholes to work. Drawing sprites, recording sound effects, beta-testing. That kind of work.

The next few-dozen-or-so articles will show you how I’m making a simple phone game. Step by step, including all code. Disclaimer. I never made a phone game before, and zero experience with LibGDX. So who knows where this will end. Maybe I’ll get sick, maybe the code is broken as hell. Second disclaimer: yes Tower22 is alive. But I’ll get back on that in better times.

No, the game certainly isn't finished while I'm writing this, but let's just say I'm a couple of "lessons" forward. Just showing a bit of what you can expect after following the first bunch of tutorials.

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  1. I used libGDX a bit a couple of years ago. It's a very nice library for making games. Not just mobile, but also for the desktop.