Saturday, March 29, 2014

Animation / FBX / Script kid needed

As announced in a previous post, I wanted to write a "post-mortem-game-review". But I figured it has been a while since I gave you updated about Tower22 itself. So, here a short post (and request!).

Honestly, I haven't been programming a lot on T22 the last 2 months. Mainly because of work. Doing overhours is one thing, but at some point your brain just refuses to keep switching from one task to another. It's full, and all you can do is sitting in the couch like Al Bundy, watching Al Bundy. But no worries, the extra work won't be forever. Although... some other activities in- and around our house are planned...

Anyway, to the point. The major roadblock, stuck like a sticky fat turd in the rectum. We made pretty much all ingredients for a nice new demo that will be used to attract new people, eventually launch a kickstarter campaign, and everything. If it wasn't for you meddling Scooby Doo kids, erh I mean FBX animations. God damn, what an annoyance. We successfully imported some FBX files, including rigs and animations. But the SDK changed again (of course), and for some reason Maya decides to export its files very different once using more advanced techniques such as IK or curves. It's all in the FBX file, but I wouldn't know where.

If I had a bit more time to concentrate on that bloody FBX SDK, I may figure it out. But as said, it's busy in my upperchamber, plus I just hate figuring out someone else his shit. The FBX SDK isn't just a file loader, you can reprogram the universe with it. Or something. Anyhow it's big, and I'm not patient enough anymore to figure out big stuff for just importing a freak'n animation.

If you are reading this and think "Hey, but I know how FBX works!" or "Hey, but I know how to write Maya file-exporter scripts!", you're more than welcome giving a helping hand on that! Or if you know Collada very well, we could use that instead as well.

So, basically we're chasing our FBX quest, although I'm thinking to make a temporary fix by just using MD5 animations instead for now. It's old (Doom3 era), but at least that file format made sense to me. Once we get our animations imported properly, I expect the animator needs 1 or 2 months to get his work done for this demo.

* If you use the message-form on the website but don't get a reply within a few days, please drop a note here below. The contact form should work, yet I'm not 200% sure, so apologees if it doesn't!

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