Sunday, July 17, 2011

Could the real Da Vinci please stand up?

Begging modus engaged. Concept artist required.

Question. Are you (or do you know) an artist, specialized in drawing realistic, but horrific environments? Do you love horror, and do you have at least 5 hours MC-Hammer drawing time a week? Then maybe you like to help us. We need an extra artists that can draw environment. Both realistic looking posters to illustrate the atmosphere, as schematic sketches to support the 3D modelers with making maps. If you are interested, see the contact info below.

- Ability to draw realistic, eerie looking environments. Reference pic:
Control Room
- Available 5 hours or more (quite a lot needs to be drawn, so I need someone with time)
- Eye for detail & architecture
- Affinity with the horror & fantasy theme. Able to make unreal, bizare, dreamish or nightmarish rooms.

What needs to be done:
- Working out the main themes of the game (athmosphere sketches, example environments)
- Building exterior (it's not just an ordinary flat of course)
- Schematic sketches / material sets to support the 3D modellers with making specific locations

What we can offer:
- Hopefully a fun & learnful time!

Before contacting me, please add a link or attachment to the mail with one(or more) drawings in this style. I can't judge the "match" if your art-work has a complete different style! Address:
nieuwlaat dot r AT gmail dot com



  1. Hmmm, I might do better drawing monsters/creatures, but I guess I'll give it a shot. I need some practice on architectural drawing methods nonetheless.

  2. Feel free to send some work to the mail adres above!