Thursday, March 31, 2011

Could the real Isaac Newton please stand up?

HEY! Do you happen to be a programmer with good experience in:

- Newton(2) Physics library (you made some advanced projects with it)
- Inverse Kinematics & Skeleton Animations

Ifso, I need some good advice. Sooner or later this year I need to update the physics part. Although I know how to use Newton 1 a little bit, I won't call myself Isaac. So before doing stupid things...

It's not really a programming job offer (but who knows), more like a request to have 1 or 2 experienced people on my side to mail with to dry my tears when the computer said mean words again. To give an idea of what needs to be done:

- Player movement (including @#$ stair climbing)
- Inverse kinematics (feet, hands, snakelike monsters)
- Combine Physics & Animation & IK
- Physics: proper behavior of all objects (now they react "unnatural" on collisions)
- Joints (swinging lamps, chains, doors, ...)
- Advanced raycasting for sensoring the environment
- Trigger volumes (player inside a water mesh?)
- Buoyancy
- Material feedback (on what kind of floor am I walking,
what type of material did I just shot?)
- Hitzones (headshot, hit his balls)
- Collision sounds (hit, scrape, roll, bang, snap, crack)
- Destroy stuff
- Ragdolls
- Multithreading optimizations advise?
- Pour in the engine or a wrapper DLL to simplify

I tried to ask on the Newton forums several times, but let's say my answers often don't get answered there. So, I prefer a personal coach;) On top, Newton 2 has quite some nice new functions, but I'm totally new to them. And last but not least, I’m stupid so please only react if you are patient enough to explain things to a 3-year old. Oh, and it is on voluntary basis of course.

Sounds like fun to have an advisor role? Then feel free to contact me (see "contact" link on the right). Ciao.

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