Thursday, August 5, 2010

We ain't going to Ibiza

Mailman brought post on thursday already? Yep, I'm going on vacation tomorrow. So just to let you boys(and girls?) know. When nothing appears the next 2 weeks, I'm not dead. Unless my plane or train crashes, I get toxinated by alcohol, kidnapped by terrorists, or eaten by Russian bears.

I'm going to Poland, nearby Zywiec(from the beer) to be precise. Not exactly the place-to-be for spectacular vacations, but I'll have to show my face to the parents in law of course. I can't complain, only have one or two family visits per year. By the way, I decided to take the train this time. Why?
A: Because it gives me that adventurus feeling, being on a looong trip (instead of flying less than 2 hours)
B: The ICE in Germany can drive 400 kmh (in theory), and the second train has a bar-wagon. Maybe I can enjoy a drink with a charming Eastern-Europe James Bond girl!
C: Because I don't like flying, period.

But first, while girl and kid are already in Poland... a week Ardennes with the guys. Woman have to understand that we men have to "ventilate" sometimes as well. Making garbage, doing nothing, drinking, eating raw meat, swearing, etcetera. Look, dogs need to play and run, pigs like to roll in shit, and so do we men have our needs. Because of you we're already behaving ourselves the whole year. Cleaning up, shaving, being polite, wearing clothes and such... So please, just once a year, let us be men again. And Hey, we're not complaining either when you go shopping (on our costs) or having silly girl icecream-on-the-bench nights.

Any programming news maybe? Well... no. I made a bug somehow that took me 3 nights to trace back. Just a stupid adjustment in one of the miliion codelines made a chain reaction of crap. Joy.

The laptop is going with me, so there is plenty of time for modelling and finishing stuff for the movie. If I'm capable that is. No internet though. The most advanced technology at my parents-in-law house is probably the steam driven radio. So... I'll be back.

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