Sunday, March 21, 2010


Not much productivity again this week. I thought my toilet adventures were over, but the shit still hits the fan, literally! And after almost exploding a few times last week, another parasite infected me: "Vista Security Tool 2010". Spend the whole damn weekend fixing my laptop. I hope the creator of that thing gets a real Ebola virus for wasting my, oops, F#ck!ing time.

I didn't had any viruses last ~9 years (neeeeeever visited any dirty sites, I pizza-promise), but all of a sudden a typical Windows Vista screen was popping up and showing several severe virusses. Thanks for reporting, now fix it will you? "In order to protect your computer, you must purchase Windows Security Tool". Purchase? Fuck you. But the virus warnings kept coming, and that annoying "Security Tool" kept prompting me to buy it. I got suspicious. Microsoft certainly knows how to earn money, but not this way. Of course, my other guards were playing poker and didn't notice anything. Anti-Vir couldn't detect any virus, Ad-Aware didn't even start. Thanks for nothing.

Turned out that the virus warnings are fake, BUT that "Vista Security Tool" itself is a very real threat. CPU was busy 100% all the time, continous (fake) warnings, no internet access, and even a few blue screens. Extremely annoying. I managed to download Spyhunter and Spyware Docter. But of course, these assholes also first detect and then ask money before you can fix anything. Finally a potion of Spybot free), Anti-Malware, and CrapCleaner(what a coincidence) seemed to kill the threat. If you are pulling your hair out for the same symptoms, check this out:

I can't leave you with empty hands again, so I did manage to produce some pretty nice
screenshost this week, if I may see so. I moved to another test apartment with a better view on my Soviet style city. The textures are stolen from Halflife2, but I think it's a pretty good job for someone who is A: not a modeller or architect. B: not a texture artist. C: has diarrhea.

Programming progress is hidden in the small details. The roof antenna's and foliage on the balcony are transparent surfaces with double-sided lighting and can also cast shadows and scatter the lightrays now. Whoopie.

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